Supervision of specialist medical care at home for children

Care and treatment that usually occur at the hospital are increasingly given at home. This also applies for (specialist medical) care and treatment of children. For example, a special infusion, tube feeding or wound care. With this form of care, the medical specialist remains responsible for treatment of the child. But other care providers, e.g. home care, provide treatment and care. The GP must also be up to date about the situation. Thus, there are often several care providers involved in the care network of the child.

An example

A child receives an infusion treatment at home and also goes to school. Do people know what to look for and how they can support the child? Will home care also provide care at school? And is there also a task for the teacher? In short: there are many things that need to be coordinated and transferred in the care network.

What does the Inspectorate focus on?

The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate looks at the overall care and treatment in care networks. This type of supervision is different from our supervision of individual GPs, home care or specialists. In 2017, the Inspectorate started to explore specialist medical care in home environments for children. The Inspectorate will carry out this supervision starting the second half of 2018.