Who are we?

Everyone in the Netherlands should be able to rely on good healthcare and youth care. The kind of care that you would want for yourself and your loved ones, in every situation and throughout every phase of life. Our role is to supervise healthcare and youth care services in the Netherlands and the international market for medicines and medical devices. We make sure that these comply with the relevant legal and regulatory standards, and we do this in a clear manner. We also promote good and safe care. Besides that we encourage care providers to work on prevention, cooperation and continuous access to healthcare and youth care services.

We do this in the public interest, always striving for the most effective form of supervision. This means that in our independent supervisory activities, we choose to focus on the themes and activities that yield the maximum benefit for people who need care.
Basically we have confidence in the providence of healthcare and youth care services. Yet, if necessary we will intervene.

We are open and honest about the way we evaluate the quality of care, the dilemmas that we come up against and the choices that we make. We are professional, we know about the work of care practitioners and we respond to developments in healthcare and society. We collaborate with other parties wherever possible, but our judgment always remains independent. This allows us to fulfil our duties and obligations as a government inspectorate.

We are the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (or IGJ), part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

Clear. Fair. Independent.

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