Healthy sense of trust: The story of the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate

Our health is the most important thing in our lives. That’s why good
healthcare and youth care are so important.
Fortunately, we can rely on that in the Netherlands. We’d like to keep it that
That’s why the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate supervises the safety and
quality of care.
Care is people work. For this reason we expect care providers to tailor their
care to meet the specific needs of patients and clients.
In addition, we check whether care providers are working together
effectively. Does everyone understand their role within the care network, and
do they respect other people’s roles?
This way, care providers contribute actively to improving quality of life. For
patients, clients, parents and informal caregivers.
Our approach is based on a healthy sense of trust. That means we assume
care providers are always prepared to improve and innovate. And that
they are open about what is going well and what isn’t. If improvements are
not implemented or if patient safety is seriously being compromised, we
intervene accordingly. And we track down anyone who breaks the law.
We share our knowledge and our independent judgement of care providers.
That way care providers can learn from each other.
So, by means of a healthy sense of trust, openness and our independent
judgements, we improve the quality and safety of Dutch healthcare and
youth care. Now and into the future.