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  1. Domestic test facilities

    Publication | 19-03-2019

  2. Cross border pharmacies

    In the Netherlands, some pharmacies provide prescription medicines to people who live in other EU member states. Those pharmacies ...

    Publication | 12-12-2018

  3. IGJ position on textured and smooth breast implants and BIA-ALCL

    At the beginning of this year, scientific research was published that shows that there is a link between a certain type of cancer ...

    Position statement | 26-11-2018

  4. Good care in care networks - Position Paper on Integrated Care

    In the past few years, the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) has laid the foundation for supervising care networks for ...

    Publication | 16-08-2018

  5. Results of the Pharmacovigilance Risk-Based Survey in the Netherlands

    Report | 04-07-2018

  6. Frequently asked questions about sterilisation product Essure

    Publication | 28-06-2018

  7. Supply of unregistered pharmaceutical products: FAQs

    Publication | 19-06-2018

  8. Inspection framework and working method for supervision of care networks

    The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate developed an inspection framework and working method for the supervision of care networks. ...

    Publication | 06-04-2018

  9. Infographic: Supervision of care networks in the home environment

    For an explanation of the infographic, see this general information about our supervision of care networks in home environments.

    Publication | 06-04-2018

  10. I have a complaint about healthcare. What are my options?

    Sometimes the contact with your care provider is different from what you expected. For example, something did not go well with ...

    Publication | 20-03-2018