Facilities with possibly affected materials (no PEF)

Some companies cannot avoid (sometimes) having or receiving samples which may contain the polio virus. Examples include sputum or faeces samples in hospitals. Those institutions also have to take precautionary measures. However, they are not PEFs. The requirements for dealing with these materials are therefore different to those that apply for the PEFs. Put briefly it means that infectious and potentially infectious type 2 polio virus material is moved to a PEF or destroyed.

A facility has to report to the NAC if:

  • It expects to receive material that may contain the polio virus.
  • It has material that may contain the polio virus.

The facility must also have a protocol on how to deal with potentially infectious polio virus material.


If you would like to submit a report, or if you have a question, please send an email to nac@igj.nl. Alternatively you can telephone us via the IGJ notification centre.