Mandatory notifications and applications for PEFs

Poliovirus Essential Facilities (PEFs) are required to report poliovirus incidents and emergencies to the NAC. They must also ask the NAC for permission to transport infectious poliovirus material.

Reporting incidents and calamities

PEFs are required to report incidents and calamities involving the poliovirus to the NAC. For example, an employee might become infected with the poliovirus, or the poliovirus might be stolen. The PEF must then conduct its own investigation into the incident and take measures to prevent it from happening again.

Request transport of poliovirus material

A PEF must notify the NAC before they:

  • Receive poliovirus materials from another foreign PEF;
  • Receive poliovirus materials from a facility (not a PEF) that wants to transfer the material to an approved PEF;
  • Transport poliovirus materials to another PEF within the Netherlands;
  • Transport poliovirus materials to a PEF in another country.

The transport can take place after permission from the NAC.

Authorization for PEF mandatory from 2025

The government is expected to introduce the requirements for working with the poliovirus in the Public Health Act (Wpg) on 1 January 2025 (target date). PEFs will then be required to report incidents, calamities and transport, and must apply for a permit.
PEFs must apply for a permit from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS in Dutch). The Minister will ask the NAC for advice on whether the location meets the requirements. To determine this, the NAC will conduct an audit. If the PEF meets the requirements for a permit, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport will grant a permit. The NAC will also apply for a certificate from the WHO. PEFs that already have a WHO certificate on 1 January 2025 will be granted a permit immediately.